CEX 2019 Agenda

Check-in, breakfast, sessions and conference activities run from 7:30 am – 5:15 pm. Networking & happy hour from 5:15–7:00 pm.


Set Up Camp (Registration & Morning Meet-Up)


Get Amped to Camp! (Welcome & Kick-off)


Trail 1: How to Successfully Guide Your Chapter Volunteers Down the Right Path

Are your chapters having a hard time finding and keeping chapter leaders and volunteers? A common theme we hear from chapters across associations is no one wants to volunteer. Chapters that have trouble finding and keeping competent leaders and volunteer members put themselves in peril. They end up keeping the same old people in positions of power for way too long. Volunteers get burnt out. Other members get turned off by the exclusive “country club” power structure—the place where good ideas go to die. The disconnect for many associations is two-fold: not connecting with motivations and preferences. It’s time to wake up and realize that today’s volunteers connect with causes not organizations. Yet we lead with the organization. We’ll address issues you need to solve if you wish to reenergize your chapters and improve succession planning. Join us as we take our volunteer management to the next level and create strong, engaged volunteer communities.


Chapter Trailblazers – Chapter Volunteer Management Success Stories

You’ll hear from CRPs about their all-star chapter initiatives and how they’ve turned around their chapter volunteer management process.


Connect with Your Hiking Buddies

Check in with your learning partners to discuss your chapter volunteer management lessons learned & takeaways.


Break Time

We know you’re itching to check your email, respond to that text, grab a cup of coffee, and hit up the restroom. Now’s your chance to make that happen and stretch your legs. Come back ready to be fully present & learn!


Trail 2: Climbing to the Top: Chapter Data that Drives Innovation

There is no doubt that having chapters is a commitment of resources: staff time, dollars, and member volunteer time, which leads to many questions about geographic chapters. What is the role of chapters? Are chapters still relevant? How does our chapter program compare to those of other associations? What are the standard practices regarding membership, programming, requirements, and metrics for chapters? Are associations making changes to chapters? What support and services should we be giving chapters? How do we evaluate our chapters? Mariner Management and Billhighway launched the second Chapter Benchmarking Study to explore all these questions. The goal was to gather industry data on chapter programs to serve as a resource for benchmarking and to develop a body of knowledge for the association community on innovations in chapter management. The report was designed as much to help associations benchmark against others as it was to fuel the dialog around effective chapters. You’ll hear stories from other associations on what methods they have used to leverage their data, and how they have helped chapters and staff make better decisions about what’s needed to serve member needs.


Chapter Trailblazers – Chapter Data, Trends & Dashboards Success Stories

You’ll hear from CRPs about their all-star chapter initiatives and how they’ve used data to support their chapter programs & processes.


Campfire Fuel (Lunch & Conversation)


Trail 3: Earn Your CRP Badge: How to Give Struggling Chapters Some Much Needed First Aid

What makes a chapter healthy? What do we count as success? What do we do with a struggling chapter? What causes them to struggle? When is it too late to help them find their way? Let’s face it, we all have or have had struggling chapters, so how do we devise a strategy to address their lack of performance and move forward? Sometimes you can fix a broken relationship, but other times you have to let them go. How much time do you give them to make changes? And ultimately, how do you close a chapter if they fail to improve? We’ll create a plan, so you’re equipped to handle whatever challenges come your way, including some lessons others have learned on how NOT to handle a “rouge” chapter.


Chapter Trailblazers – Turnaround Chapter Success Stories

You’ll hear from CRPs about how they’ve helped a struggling chapter become an all-star.



We know you’re itching to check your email, respond to that text, grab s’more caffeine, and hit up the restroom. Now’s your chance to make that happen and stretch your legs. Come back ready to chat!


Trail 4: Campfire Stories & Chats

The CEXy take on roundtables will have you gathering with peers for deep conversations on important component topics! Gather round the campfire to hear some CRP stories on the most pressing challenges we’ve heard, then break off into groups to share ideas and collaborate to walk away with a plan of action to address these challenges in your organization. We’ll switch it up so you can gather around different topics.



This is the last break! Come back ready to wrap things up with a bang!


Trail 5: Check in at the Trailhead: Map Your Path Forward

Now’s your chance to check back in with your hiking buddies and map out an action plan to absorb all you’ve heard. Forge your own path with next steps to implement the new ideas you’ve captured at CEX 2019! Then it's time to share the key actions you plan to take with the rest of the camp. We’ll wind down the day the old-fashioned way with a surprise guest that will lead us into our mixer with plenty of energy. This will surely be the gooey marshmallow on top!


Trail “Mixer”

Get it? After a full day of intense learning, it’s time to get our drink on and “mix” it up. Join us for an evening of networking, laughs and CRP fun so you can continue connecting with your peers and relax (or kick it up a notch!) after a long day.