The Only Event Designed for CRPs

Get ready for the ultimate CRP gathering May 7 (Chicago) & May 10 (DC + Virtual)

About CEX 2024

Join us for a day filled with insights, inspiration, and invaluable networking opportunities at CEX. This event is designed exclusively for Component Relations Professionals (CRPs) like you! You'll earn 5.5 CAE credits for attending.

Why Attend CEX 2024?


Attend the Only Event Designed for CRPs

This years event will have collaborative peer-to-peer solution rounds, engaging learning and networking experiences, and access to chapter tools and resources that are designed specifically for CRPs.


Let's Brainstorm, Discuss & Network, Together

At CEX 2024, we'll focus on embracing change for a stronger future. The event will include prepared content, a deep dive, group brainstorming, roundtable discussions, and networking.


Come for the Content, Go Home with a Community

You’ll have time to work out problems, share ideas, and build relationships with other CRPs. Benefit from the collective wisdom, insight, and inspiration found only within your CRP community.

When Does CEX Start?

Seize the opportunity to elevate your CRP journey, forge new connections, and equip yourself with valuable insights to drive success in 2024 and beyond. Plus, you'll earn 5.5 CAE credits for attending!

May 7 - Chicago

Date & Time

Tuesday, May 7th
9:30am - 4:30pm CDT

Chicago Location

American Dental Association (ADA)
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611-26

Ticket Price

$139.00 - Group Discount
$159.00 - Individual Ticket

May 10 - DC+Virtual

Date & Time

Friday, May 10th
9:30am - 4:30pm EDT

DC Location

AGU Conference Center
2000 Florida Avenue
NW Washington, DC 20009

Ticket Price

$139.00 - Group Discount
$159.00 - Individual Ticket

What is the 2024 Agenda?

9:00 - 9:30 AM

Check-In & Grab Your Coffee

Registration opens at 9:00 am, followed by the official start of the event at 9:30 am. We recommend arriving early to check in, enjoy a refreshing coffee, and secure your seat!

9:30 - 10:00 AM

Interactive Networking Session

Start the event on the right foot by connecting with your fellow CRPs! Dive into an exciting networking session packed with interactive polls and fun icebreakers. Let's set the tone for the day!

10:00 - 11:30 AM

Embracing Change for a Stronger Future

Discover how you can empower your chapter leaders to navigate and lead change effectively. From small adjustments to transformative measures, explore ways to help chapters adapt to meet evolving member needs. Join us as we share practical approaches for embracing change and driving meaningful transformation within your organization!


Peggy Hoffman

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Collaboration Round 1: Engage, Share, and Brainstorm

We'll dive into meaningful dialogue, share insights, and brainstorm solutions on topics sourced from your peers. This session is designed to foster active participation and collaboration. Come prepared to contribute!

12:15 - 1:00 PM

Networking Lunch

Indulge in a delightful lunch while engaging in meaningful dialogue, complemented by a selection of hot and cold beverages to keep you refreshed and caffeinated throughout the day. Please remember to inform us of any food allergies during your registration process. We look forward to ensuring an enjoyable dining experience for all attendees!

1:00 - 3:00 PM

May 7 - Chicago

Turning Rivalries Into Revenue: Strategies for Non-Dues Revenue Collaboration

Calling all CRPs eager to elevate non-dues revenue for your chapters while fostering collaboration with industry suppliers! Dive into innovative strategies that harmonize national and chapter strengths, ensuring a win-win scenario for all stakeholders. In this engaging session, we’ll navigate the competitive landscape, transforming competition into collaboration to optimize non-dues revenue across all levels.

Join us for a deep dive into aligning national and chapter efforts, crafting a cohesive narrative, and streamlining the industry supplier experience. Walk away with actionable insights and a toolkit to enhance your association’s revenue generation and sales process.

Carrie McIntyre

Carrie McIntyre

May 10 - DC + Virtual

The Ultimate Guide to Chapter Membership Success

You’ve seen the webinar – now apply the concepts! Using a “flipped learning” style, this presentation will build on the information shared in the April 17 “Membership Mastery: Building a Strong National-Chapter Partnership” webinar.

Join Spark Consulting’s Elizabeth Engel and your peers for a highly interactive working session where we’ll apply what we learned in the webinar to the biggest membership challenges component relations professionals encounter working with their components to set and achieve association membership recruitment, engagement, and retention goals.

Missed the webinar? We’ll share the recording! And you’ll want to watch it in advance, as we’ll be diving right into working with the concepts on May 10.

Elizabeth Engel

Elizabeth Engel

3:00 - 3:15 PM

Stretch Break

Treat yourself to a moment of rejuvenation, ensuring you're refreshed and fully charged to dive back into the day's activities with renewed energy and focus.

3:15 - 4:00 PM

Collaboration Round 2: Engage, Share, and Brainstorm

We’ll dive into meaningful dialogue, share insights, and brainstorm solutions on topics sourced from your peers. This session is designed to foster active participation and collaboration. Come prepared to contribute!

4:00 - 4:30 PM

Let's Wrap it Up!

This is where the magic happens! Join us as we gather all the collective wisdom shared, highlight key takeaways, reflect on the best moments, and outline the next steps from today's adventure. Get ready to wrap up our event with a bang and leave feeling energized, inspired, and ready to conquer the world!

Why You Should Join Us

10 Reasons to Attend CEX

Billhighway is excited to host this one-of-a-kind experience with our friends Mariner Management & Marketing. Here are ten reasons you won’t want to miss out on the inaugural CEX.


What CRPs Really Do

We get you! You’re a CRP and your role can be misunderstood. See what your CRP peers had to say about their job at CEX 2019 and then come join the only conference designed just for association professionals with chapters, components, states, sections, and affiliates.


AssnChat Interviews

Why are we here? Why do components matter? Why is the component relations community important to associations? Listen to the thoughts and stories some CRPs shared with KiKi L’Italien from our last CEX event.


CEX Hosts

The Association Component Exchange (CEX) is the only community designed exclusively for component relations professionals (CRPs). CEX is a forum for association professionals who manage, nurture, and work with chapters to share successes, struggles, strategies, and innovations with your peers! But most importantly, CEX is so much more than a one-day event. CEX is a mindset. It’s a conversation. It’s a community of CRPs like you!

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Got chapters? We’ve got solutions. Billhighway unifies finances and data for organizations with components. We solve inherent operational, data and financial complexities that impact component-based associations.

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