Focus 4: Ideas into Actions

FOCUS 4: Ideas into Actions – Our closing session focuses on you. This is the time to lock in your ideas, schedule follow-up connections with learning partners, and swap resources. You’ll learn how to transfer the CEX experience into on-going, sustainable improvement throughout your “chapter” system.

Focus 3: Driving Chapter Success

FOCUS 3: Driving Chapter Success with Metrics & Dashboards – Explore how performance dashboards can ensure strategic alignment with and a positive ROI from your chapters. Get a behind-the-dash look at the metrics you can use to assess capacity and execution and target support along with a front-of-the-dash view of the gauges used to report and motivate performance. You’ll learn how to measure what matters.

Focus 2: Optimizing Our Chapters (cont’d)

Round 2: Resourcing – Supporting Chapter Leaders & Staff. This round focused on optimizing time and talents through tools, templates, strategies, technology and systems for chapter leaders – volunteer and paid.

Round 3: Leadership – Nurturing & Developing Volunteers. This round is about the people – our current and future local leaders – and effective practices in volunteer models, training and leadership development & succession.

Focus 2: Optimizing Our Chapters

FOCUS 2: Optimizing Our Chapters – Through four different discussions, we will explore challenges and opportunities around strengthening chapters. You’ll learn how to make the most of your local connections, regardless of size or budget.

Flash Round: Collaborative Problem-solving. This round provides each participant an opportunity to get advice on a burning question. Seating in rounds by chapter type and size provides you with a sounding board of peers from similar type organizations.

Three Idea Storming Rounds. Each round will begin with a topic briefing by a subject matter expert followed by facilitated discussion and group exercise to deepen learning. Each group will have a dedicated recorder so that all ideas are captured and shared with the larger group. Topics:

Round 1: Relevance – Journey Mapping the Member Experience at the Chapter level. This round explores the value of the chapter through the eyes of the member and how to help your chapters be relevant and complement the value proposition of the larger organization (parent and local groups).

Focus 1: Exploring the Future of Chapters

You’ll be switching tables and meeting new learning partners so stay flexible and be on the move!

FOCUS 1: The Future of Chapters – Let’s take advantage of the new options and opportunities created by rapidly evolving 21st century social norms, technology, and diversity to leverage our local communities. We’ll start the day exploring why we have chapters today and how those changes are pushing us to re-think the traditional chapter. You’ll learn how to let form follow function.

Morning Meet-up

Pick up your badge, visit the networking stations & enjoy breakfast.